How much does Vinix 100mg stamp cost? Where do you buy it? How to use?

How much does Vinix 100mg stamp cost? Where do you buy it? How to use?

On the market today, there are many types of drugs as well as functional foods that support weak physiological treatment for men. But in South Korea, the Vinix stamp is popular with the most popular men. This is a product that is handy, easy to use and easy to use anytime, anywhere, most importantly, can bring the magic effect quickly.

Vinix 100mg
Vinix 100mg

What is a Vinix stamp

  • Vinix lozenges have a rapid osmotic effect to the vascular region of the sublingual, acting quickly on the brain nervous system. It enhances vasodilation and enhances the amount of blood delivered to the penis which helps to increase sexual desire. Especially increasing erection for the penis helps male physiologically weak to perform better sexual activity, increase feelings of sublimation and more satisfaction.
  • Vinix lozenges are produced by Korea’s pharmaceutical company C.L.Pharm Co., Ltd. Currently, the product has been imported and licensed by the competent authority to register for circulation in Vietnam.
  • Vinix stamps contain two types of content: Vinix 100mg stamps and 50 mg vinix stamps.
  • The main ingredient is Sildenafil.
  • Dosage and packaging form:
What is a Vinix stamp
What is a Vinix stamp

Dosage form: lozenges wrapped in foil.
Package: Each box of Vinix Stamps contains 10 pieces of stamps.
Ingredients Stamped Vinix effect any?
Sildenafil: is involved in the process of making nitrous oxide which activates some enzymes within GMPc, it causes the destruction of the GMPc cycle. This is the mechanism that makes GMPc stored and last longer. This is the effect to help the expanded porous and cavernous tissues, the blood vessels of this region also dilate, causing blood to be accumulated and stagnated here for a long time. The penis will have a strong erection and maintain an erection long. Sildenafil is often used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, physiological weakness.
Uses and indications of the Vinix Stamp

Vinix stamps are indicated in the following cases:

Adult males are aged 18 years and over.
Men have signs of erectile dysfunction such as: Erectile penile erections, non-erect penises, or short-lived erections that make it difficult to have sex.
Men with reduced libido.
Those who want to increase the health and endurance in sexual activity, want to increase the emotional sublimation in sex.
Usage and dosage

The first dose for healthy people over the age of 18: Take 1 piece of 50 mg a day, suck before having sex for about 40 minutes. The subsequent use can increase the dose but not more than 2 stamps a day.
Dosage for people over 65 years: for the first time tem stamped lozenges 50mg a day. The next time the effect decreased, it can be increased to 1 piece 50mg.
The dose for people with mild renal impairment is the same as the dose for the elderly over 65 years.
How to use: Vinix lozenges are used by peeling off the silver cover and putting the pieces of stamp under the mouthpiece until the stamps are gone. Use the lozenge immediately after peeling off the foil.

Are Vinix stamps good?

Side effects of Vinix lozenges
Vinix lozenges when used have some uncommon side effects when used as follows:

Body: blush, redness, skin itching caused by allergies to the components of the drug
On the nervous system: Dizziness, headache
On the digestive system: Mild abdominal pain, digestive disorders.
Musculoskeletal system: may cause muscle pain.
On other organs: Causes nasal congestion, decreased vision.
However, these side effects will quickly disappear when the medication is stopped and when the medication stops working. In the course of use, if you encounter any unusual signs or side effects, undesirable effects other than those listed above. You should inform your doctor about your health condition for advice and the best solution.

Note when using

Vinix lozenges used to support immediate treatment should not be overused and used too many times in a day it will backfire. At the same time, it makes the patient’s condition worse.
Do not use Vinix lozenges for people with hypersensitivity to Sildenafil.
Do not use lozenges when you are using antibiotics or alcohol, stimulants because it can reduce the effectiveness and effects of lozenges.
The Vinix stamp is indicated for adult men so that children under 18 years old, children and women, especially pregnant and women during breastfeeding are not allowed to use.
The drug has side effects that can cause dizziness, so those who operate heavy machinery, drivers should not use while working.
Preserving in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of young children, do not let children put into mouth.
Read the directions carefully before use. It is advisable to consult with specialists or medicine and pharmacy experts before using the product.

How much is a Vinix stamp?

Vinix stamp stamps cost VND 1,100,000 / box of 10 pieces. This is for reference only and will vary depending on the location of sale. You should buy it at the big store so you can guarantee product quality and there may be price incentives.

Where to buy Vinix lozenges in Hai Phong, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City?

You can contact 0394.830.216 to buy genuine products

In addition, you can find products at major pharmacies throughout the country or can go to its distribution agents can buy. In order for you to buy genuine products to avoid counterfeit goods, you should contact the manufacturer’s website directly to order and get specific instructions from the consultant.

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