Cốc thủ dâm là một tên gọi một loại âm đạo giả đồ chơi tình dục cho nam cực hot hiện nay vối khả năng ngụy trang khá cao, nhỏ gọn và hết sức tiện lợi khi sử dụng. với các chức năng hiện đại ngày càng được hoàn thiện để đáp ứng nhu cầu thủ dâm tăng lên của nam giới trên khắp thế giới.

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Đây là sản phẩm bán chạy và phổ biến nhất trong các loại sextoy hiện hữu hiện nay trên thị trường nên luôn được các nhà sản xuất đồ chơi tình dục tập trung nghiên cứu phát triển và liên tục hoàn thiện ra các sản phẩm mới để phục vụ thị trường.

CỐC THỦ DÂM có tác dụng gì
CỐC THỦ DÂM có tác dụng gì

Máy Thủ Dâm cốc âm đạo ngày càng được thiết kế với kiểu dáng hiện đại và đẹp mắt, với phần vỏ được làm bằng nhựa ABS cao cấp, phần ruột được sản xuất từ silicon TPE với chất liệu siêu mềm mịn và tuyệt đối an toàn với người sử dụng.

CỐC THỦ DÂM có tác dụng gì?

Với các thiết kế bên trong mềm mịn, se khít tối đa, cảm giác sự cọ xát như đang quan hệ thực sự sẽ tăng kích thích và cho các sự tưởng tượng tuyệt vời nhất để mau chóng đạt được cực khoái.

Sản phẩm được dùng để thỏa mãn nhu cầu sinh lý của nam giới khi xa vợ, xa nhà không được gần bạn tình rất tốt.

CỐC THỦ DÂM có tác dụng gì
CỐC THỦ DÂM có tác dụng gì

Mua cốc thủ dâm chính hãng giá rẻ ở đâu?



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(Hỗ trợ giao hàng tận nơi kín đáo & tế nhị, đóng gói dưới hình thức quà tặng)

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Rotation is the best modern mechanism to help you experience masturbation

It can be said that the vibrating mechanism is the most modern mechanism fitted to the current masturbation cups, this is a mechanism that simulates the recess of the female vagina continuously rubbing and rubbing against the boy.

This is completely automatic in accordance with the pre-installed modes of the machine, of course with some modern masturbation cups you can create your own recoil modes by Its own app, however, is extremely expensive, you can hardly access this type at least from 5,000,000 VND or more.

The perfection of the product is also reflected in the silicone mass of the product with 3D printing technology. Now creating a realistic vagina is not difficult anymore, especially each vagina has different characteristics because of technology.

This is not a stereotype at all, it draws and completes a vagina based on the pattern of real girls who are often famous model models (they can collaborate or open their own brand sextoy).

The feeling of being able to enjoy the soft silicone vagina tightening and hugging the boy to his full pleasure in rhythm was amazing. However, modern products if you do not use them very easily are damaged and of course repair is not easy.

Make heat to stimulate your pleasure nerves in the penis

Previously, to create a temperature for the masturbation cup, you only had to remove the vaginal core and soak it in hot water or warm cloth, but this would make the silicon layer wear out faster and easier to tear than time. prepared a lot of furniture. Therefore, the introduction of automatic heating mechanism in modern masturbation cups is a big step forward for the sextoy industry.

Of course, it is not necessary to turn on the cup to heat up like a super speed cooker, the product will gradually heat up to reach 38, 42-45 degrees Celsius in sync with body temperature.

With modern thermal products degree will increase gradually according to the degree of interaction you mean, the more you masturbate, the faster the temperature will rise in response to body sensation, the faster you sex with your wife, the faster you will lose muscle temperature if both of you increase your sweatyness like a shower.

The heat exchanger masturbation cup is very safe if used properly

Today’s modern masturbation cups are safe, not simply to market right away but manufacturers have to check and then submit the products to organizations that manage the drug and pharmaceutical market. International products such as in the US are FDA, in Europe, CE meets new standards to be marketed and delivered to consumers.

Of course, it is safe for your hands, but you must make sure to use it clean and not sharing with others to keep mold away. This is a meaningful gift of wife for husband, or lover to each other. It will help you avoid social diseases when having relationships with girls, vegetables, lovers… ..

Several types of good and good heat-inducing masturbating cups are recommended

Fox Artemis masturbating cup is very hot

Fox is the largest sextoy brand in the UK, currently belonging to 419 Weyes Group, Harborne Road Edgbaston Birmingham England and has a factory in China like the Iphone you are using,

so it is mainly made in China, so you Rest assured why when you ask where your shop is in China because this is the world’s factory that mainly brands and the way to choose the shop is very good quality and reasonable price. suitable for all customers, but goods exported to the United Kingdom of America and then still made China the price will then x4 x5 but the quality does not change at all.

Fox Artemis masturbation cup is a product for its strategic Asian market as well as a gift of gratitude thanks to this market that the company has had success today.

Sextoy Shuangmi Penguin masturbation cup recoil compact.

The small but martial cup with a storm-like recoil function helps the male experience the feeling of self-pleasure as being his hot girl sitting and riding on top of the body continuously, with the exclusive mechanism of the product company will pull and push like two opposite magnets so powerful.

Sextoy automatic vaginal modern Bigfarm indent American RENDS

Rend is a manufacturer specializing in sex toys, sextoy unique quality from the US all its products have a tunnel appearance with strong tones that are black red white, the company emerged on the market. The world sextoy market with good quality automatic vaginal products sold on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba has received very good customer feedback.

That’s why the shop today decided to import a brand new product of its vaginal with a retractable hand-held vaginal model with many modern functions: “the modern automatic vagina Bigfarm retract the RENDS” to restore service.

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